Friday, July 18, 2008

What's happening?

It's back to study for students this week. So what's been happening while you've been away?

1. Access to printing is slightly different since an upgrade to the system during the semester break. Your print job will now be identified by your campus login name, however, you still use your student ID card to enable printing. No ID card? Organise that today so you can print when you need to.

2. The library stairs had a makeover which we hope makes the library an even more pleasant place to study.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Australian Collaboration

A range of free scholarly resources is available on a newly launched web site the Australian Collaboration. "The overall aim of the Australian Collaboration is to help to achieve an integrated and sustainable ecological, social, cultural and economic environment in and outside Australia."

To achieve this aim the consortium is keen to provide web resources to enable informed public debate on the big issues facing our nation today, See Democracy Watch page.

Resources available include essays, books, fact and issue sheets on Australian societal and environmental issues and study guides for schools on a broad range of topics e.g.
- Australian population characteristics
- climate change and energy, biodiversity
- land degradation and water
- culture
- economics
- government and business
- human wellbeing and fairness
- Indigenous Australia

Well worth a look.