Thursday, March 27, 2008

Library Wise OWL Quiz

Congratulations to:

Victoria Matthews, winner of first prize
($50 Co-op Bookshop voucher) and
Amanda Matthews, second place winner
($25 Co-op Bookshop voucher)
in the SCU Library Wise OWL Quiz.

Rosalind Hurst is also a winner, just for attending an SCU library orientation session. Rosalind's name was selected from among all those who attended orientation classes in Weeks 1 and 2, to win a double theatre pass to the Sawtell Cinema.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Library will be closed for the Easter public holidays

Good Friday - March 21
Easter Saturday - March 22
Easter Sunday - March 23
Easter Monday - March 24

We will re-open on Tuesday March 25 at 8.30am.

If you've ever wondered why Easter is a moveable feast, why chocolate eggs get delivered by a rabbit, and how this relates to the Christian celebration of Easter, this site will explain all that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take your bookmarks wherever you go

I posted this last year, so if you've already started using Delicious or another bookmarking site, stop reading now.

Want to have all your favourite web sites or articles bookmarked and available wherever you are, whatever computer you use? Try, Connotea or Citeulike or 2collab

These are social bookmarking web sites and they all work in a similar way. Delicious has wide appeal across all interests, Connotea, Citeulike and 2collab attract more scholarly users. They are "social" because many people use them to store and share interesting sites they have found. Your bookmarks are available to you whenever you're on the web because they are stored on a website, not just on a single computer.

After choosing one of these sites, register as a user and follow the simple instructions.

When you find articles or sites that you want to re-visit, bookmark them and allot a couple of tags or labels to enable you to find them quickly when needed. If you don't want to share your information, you can keep it private.

Try this Youtube demo of to see how easy the process is and how useful these tools are - "Social Bookmarking in Plain English"

Friday, March 7, 2008

SCU OWL Week Quiz

Next week is OWL Week (O Week Link). On Tuesday new students can find out how your school can help you with your course and what student services are available to help you while you study.

The Library, Schools and Student Association reps will be in the Gathering Space near D Block Theatre on Tuesday from 12-2pm. While you're there, or next week in the Library, pick up an entry form for the Library Wise OWL quiz. All correct entries will be eligible for the prize draw.

First Prize: $50 Co-op Bookshop voucher
Second Prize: $25 Co-op Bookshop voucher
Third Prize: 4 Coffee Vouchers