Friday, February 22, 2008

Technology Update

Two places on campus loan equipment to students and staff - the Library and the Student Learning Centre. The list includes data projectors, laptops, CD players, hand held note takers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, graphics tablet, portable drives. A handy map of the layout of the SLC with services and equipment listed is available here.

Colour copying and printing is only possible in the SLC, but will soon be available in the Library also.

Ensure you have sufficient credit on your ID card to print and copy by topping up your account at the autoloader in the Library.

A range of computers are available and also a scanner in both places.

New flat screen DVD/video viewers have been installed in the group study rooms in the Library and similar viewers are available in the SLC.

Wireless access for university students and staff is here and access for TAFE and school students is expected soon.