Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ABS - A mine of information

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) collects data on every facet of Australian life and its available to you free.

It may feel like drinking from a fire hose, as there is so much information, its difficult to take it in all at once, but you can break it down into bite size pieces. Once you're on the ABS homepage, in the navigation bar at the top

- click on Themes, for information on a topic
- click on Statistics to locate publications by topic, by title, by catalogue number or by release date.
- Teachers looking for classroom activities, try the Education link.
- The first release of 2006 Census data is out now, just click on Census.

There's bad news -

1338.1.55.001 - Statistical Trends, NSW, 2007 released 19/9/07)
Deaths of Young People
In 2005, nearly half of all deaths of young men and a third of young women aged 15–34 years in NSW, were due to suicide, transport accidents or accidental drug overdoses (418 persons).

and there's good news

4602.0 Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices, Mar 2006
Waste management
* In March 2006, about 98% of Australian households recycled waste, 87% reused waste, while only less than one per cent did not recycle or reuse waste at all.

and many interesting facts. This from the population clock page

* one birth every 1 minute and 56 seconds,
* one death every 3 minutes and 59 seconds,
* a net gain of one international migrant every 3 minutes and 15 seconds leading to
* an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minutes and 45 seconds.

From time to time we'll post snippets from the ABS site on different topics to keep you up to date. If you would like us to find information for you or show you how to find your way round the site, come in and see your liaison librarian.